a safe and lively class where Spirited Seniors

stay curious, build friendships, and lighten up

Imagine for the next 90 minutes,
Everything you do will be ABSOLUTELY right.
You cannot make a mistake.
When was the last time THAT happened?
How cool is THAT?

Just. Have. Fun

Games come alive in a supportive, lighthearted space:
  • Classes begin with focused warm-up games that bring you fully into the present moment.
  • “Yes and…” means you agree with whatever suggestion your partner offers, then add something of your own to move the action forward.
  • Games and scenes are inspired by your life experiences and guided by your imagination.
  • You make your partner look good. Your partner does the same for you. Everyone shines.
  • You leave refreshed with the sound of laughter to brighten your day.

For information about current or upcoming classes, contact:

Emily Harris

[email protected]